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was released upon his own personal recognizance. a battle is brewing on capitol hill. tomorrow, president obama will send congress a session with several proposals. some republicans are positioning themselves for a fight. they say, if it does not go far enough, they may shut down the federal government. >> at least a handful of republicans are making headlines by raising the possibility of a government shutdown -- fails to agree to spending cuts. and taking to the sunday talk shows -- >> this is a very difficult budget. over one trillion dollars in domestic spending over the years. >> we have a very deep problem facing us. >> the white house budget director is selling a budget plan. that will be the focus of congress for months to come. >> republicans will say this is not enough. the president is cut -- is talking about cutting $1 trillion over several years. others want $4 trillion. >> they want to spend more on education, high-speed rail, and a new economy jobs. to pay for that, a pay freeze. they will cut potential tax increases. the white house claims that they will have a $400 billion savi
at the convention. they are hopeful that one of their own will replace president obama. >> make a barack obama a one- term president. >> sarah palin and mike huckabee. and no republicans have officially launched a 2012 campaign, several presidential contenders spoken during the three-day conference. >> we need to restore american optimism, and we need to restore american hope for the future. >> at the conference, their growing power following a victory on capitol hill this week, when the budget cuts triple. a sign that conservatives are increasingly getting what they want. >> what we got in this last election put us in this halftime. . it is a reaction from the country. they said we want something to put a stop to this. >> who president obama will unveil a budget on monday. his weekly address says that he will eliminate waste and make tough choices. >> my budget freezes annual domestic spending for the next five years. these are programs i care deeply about, that will reduce the deficit by $400 billion over the next decade. >> republicans say his plan does not go far enough, and they want much more
.m. >>> to the top story of the day, new developments in the crisis in egypt. president obama response to the decision by egypt and president hosni mubarak not to seek reelection. cynee since it is outside the egyptian embassy. >> the announcement was met with mixed reaction here at the egyptian embassy. many felt it was a step of the right direction, but they want to see mubarak step down for good. champagne, waving egyptian flags, and bearing signs, hundreds gathered here in northwest tonight. >> it is as if -- >> most of the arab leaders, they have to go. >> with candles lit, tears were shed for the reported 300 egyptians who have died in this week of unrest. the amount we want real freedom. >> in cairo, it was the largest demonstration in history. the president said he would not seek reelection after 30 years in power. president obama said he spoke to mubarak after the historic speech. >> he recognizes that the status quo is not the same, and that a change must take place. >> obama suggests a peaceful transition begins immediately. >> he is not leaving for six months until the elec
. plus, a teenager found, a missing virginia girl located. and who the obamas are hosting for super bowl sunday. abc 7 news starts now. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> good evening. i am pamela brown. a new law went into effect in d.c., aim to crack down on noise. it quietly went into effect last week and some are preparing to fight the measure, saying that it unfairly targets them. john gonzalez has the latest. >> saturday night in georgetown, it is not unusual to find house parties, and loud music. going to jail for 90 days for loud music is the law, but some argue, how you define too noisy? spend time in d.c. and you will hear lots of different sounds. but at what point does become disruptive? this is the first weekend since the noise ordinance law was beefed up. >> they would harass us. at that he admits that they throw loud parties from time to time. >> we get harassed. >> the law states that making loud noise between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. is now an offense prison.le by 90 jaydays in >> the parties often go on past your children's bad time. >
obama. warren more on her ordeal. >> president obama was terror a speedy recovery. many colleagues are wishing her well. we caught up with a colleague and she said this is an example of the danger that journalists face. >> nadia made the decision to stop doing the work she had grown to love. >> putting my children through the agony of knowing if i am going to come back. that is the reason i stopped. >> you could have been dead, missing, arrested, anything could happen to you. >> abc correspondent lara logan was beaten and sexually assaulted. >> that is the most dangerous. 200 people, a crowd turned against you, you do not speak the language, you do not know how to get out. >> she is reflecting on her own career. >> it is hard and very challenging. it is often very dangerous. you want to tell the story. >> she said throughout her career, she never felt she was more of a target because she was a woman. she said she never felt pressured by the news organization she worked for to take risks and said she considered the assignment and opportunity. >>> michael vick has canceled an appeara
in a few minutes. pamela? >> fenty, steve. >>> president obama warns that the federal government will suffer if they shut down next week unless congress can work out a budget compromise. republicans have proposed deep spending cuts. the stop got measure is being considered. the proposal would cut $4 billion of spending and keep the government running until mid march. >>> turning out to the oscar countdown, the red carpet has been ruled out, the performers have rehearsed, and soon it will be time for the stars to shine. cynne simpson and it arch campbell are live in hollywood. hi, guys, it must be fun. >> pamela, it has been amazing. we have only been here quite -- a couple days, but we are creating quite a splash. check it out, our logo in lights. and check this out, a star in our honor. >> that is not the permanent one. >> i am confident that it is coming. the red carpet and all of its presentation is weeks in the making, but the stars have been working on this for weeks. they say hollywood is the land of beautiful people. >> everything will be designer. everybody wants to look
. >>> new at 11:00, president obama discusses the current situation in egypt with bill o'reilly. he says the united states cannot force hosni mubarak to resign, but he is confident the egyptian people will establish a representative government that is not repressive. in the wide-ranging interview, o'reilly asked the president about things. >> they do not know you. what they have is whatever fun- house mirror image is out there, you do not take it personally. >> it was hours before the super bowl game. it has become a super bowl tradition. >>> and speaking of the big game, super bowl xlv wrapped up less than one hour ago, and green bay beat out pittsburgh. this was the scene in green bay, wisconsin, just a short time ago. fans throughout the city and throughout the country are celebrating their win. very excited. the lead, and they never lost it. >> they did not. it was a great super bowl. it was everything you want in a super bowl. two evenly matched teams. the game came down to the wire. in the final minute, it was decided. let's look at some of the highlights. green bay jumped over the
. democrats could block the bill and it could be vetoed by president obama. >>> the fierce battle over the budget and worker's writes in wisconsin turned better tonight. a controversial plan remains on hold while democratic lawmakers refused to return to the state. -- john gonzalez is live. >> gov. scott walker shut -- shot down a union compromise. students, teachers, and prison guards had been standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity. thousands of protesters had been camped out for four days at the statehouse in wisconsin. the alleged buster -- scott walker is accused of trying to bust up unions. it would strip public workers of collective bargaining rights. >> i am willing to take the pay cuts. i am scared of that we do not know where it will end. >> scott walker in says he is not try to break the union. >> we do not have any money. we cannot make a good-fate effort to negotiate if we do not have any money. >> democratic walmart makers -- democratic lawmakers let the state to prevent the vote. a nationwide poll finds that 64% of americans believe government employees should not be
budget. the senate will now take up the measure, and if it should pass, obama has threatened to veto it. >>> the battle in wisconsin is growing over -- the number demonstrators is at record high earlier today and the debate is even pitting brother against sister. >> this fifth day of protests saw the largest crowd yet. unions turned out in force to support state workers who were fighting cutbacks in their benefits and bargaining power. this brother and sister are on opposite sides. >> is more about busting up the union, and we cannot let our unions go. >> these people are just greedy, like they always have been. >> the union is the backbone of the middle class. >> for the first time, they face counter demonstrators, including tea party activist who support the governor's reforms. >> it is nice to watch and see how reece -- see how he is standing up under pressure. >> even joe plummer was there. >> unions don't deserve anything. >> extra police were put on for security, but the clashes were confined to words. >> he is not busting the unions. >> is about collective bargaining that is goin
the complete forecast in about nine minutes. >>> president obama extend it key surveillance provisions of the patriot act for three months, one of which allows law enforcement to set up roving wiretaps to monitor multiple communication devices. another allows the government to ask a special court for records that could be relevant to a terrorist threat. a third allows the fbi to watch non-american, lone wolf suspects. lawmakers will soon start debating a multiple year extension of those provisions. >>> former president george w. bush has canceled plans to attend the conference and is blaming wikileaks for the decision. he backed out because the founder of wikileaks was also invited to attend some of the same offense. a spokesman for the former president said he does not to be part of a form that invited somebody who repeatedly harmed the u.s. >>> coming up, the united states targets muammar gaddafi and his money. the big decision reached in the libyan crisis. >> and the police need your help to catch some criminals. >> the clock is running, a federal government shutdown could happen in
the obama administration, which is keeping a close watch on demonstrations. john gonzalez is live outside of the egyptian embassy. >> for the egyptian people, joy turned into despair after the embattled president refused to step down, saying he will not leave egypt until he is buried. he is planning on making changes, but for many it is not enough. egyptian president mubarak announced his 30-year rule will continue until september. the 82-year-old president announced his decision after keeping his country waiting for much of the day. >> i will be responsible for changing the constitution. >> after hearing mubarak pep words, tens of thousands gathered in the capital began to chant, "leave, leave." egyptian americans and local supporters are raising money to send back to the nation. >> it is something we have heard again and again. it is clear the people of egypt want him to step down and what the regime to step down. >> what was expected to be a celebratory fund-raiser is filled with anger. >> he is giving a self- fulfilling prophecy that only he believes in. >> it is clear negotiations we
risk of being applebees when they are older. -- obese when they are older. >> michelle obama takes a childhood obesity to the talk circuit. she will appear live wednesday morning with regis and kelly. you can see her visit wednesday at 9:00 right here on abc7. >> and we may want to stay indoors. >> the cold air is good for you. >> to you think? -- you think? >> of this is our weatherbug. a little fire at the museum. a puff of smoke. there is the sun rise and the little fire. it then flattened out. that is an inversion in the atmosphere. outside the, after clear skies this, the clouds come back in. remember a year ago, 18 inches of snow on the ground. this is -- for the total season, 9 inches of snow. roofs have been collapsing with over 80 inches of snow. our high temperature in washington is 30 degrees. look at the mid part of the country. temperatures are back in the single digits. here is what is going on. there is the cold front coming to us as we go through the nighttime hours. an area of low pressure to our south. the northwesterly winds coming in. colder air is coming in. he
, the crisis is getting worse. >> jay korff has new reaction from the obama administration as the violence turns deadly. >> three people were killed, 600 injured in violent attacks in cairo. leaders in washington are keeping a close eye on egypt. anchor burns in full view, but this time demonstrators for hosni mubarak made their presence known. some through concrete and bottles, others race for cover as ambulances race and. -- race in. they're taking aim at protesters who for days now have demanded the president stepped down. those against president mubarak remain strong. >> when he said he would leave in september, is that enough? >> no, because i cannot trust him. >> the fragile situation is under the microscope tonight and the state department. >> this was an attempt to intimidate protesters who are insisting on change. a m on the streets of cairo, anti-american sentiment is alive and well. >> you want us to go? >> yes. >> why? >> you are half american. >> the u.s. has warned the egyptian government if there instigating the violence, they must stop immediately. at the white house is rev
a vote on this bill. >>> president obama is on the west coast meeting with some of the biggest names in technology. the president is in san francisco to get the leaders of tech companies behind his plan to continue spending on high- tech projects. he is also seeing steve jobs and eric schmidt. the president will toward a manufacturing facility owned by intel in oregon tomorrow. >>> adc poster worker is honored as a citizen of the year for its act of bravery. they ordered michael robinson the elites distinction. he came to the aid of an elderly resident that was beaten by a robbery. he then chased down and -- chased down the suspect. >>> bill cause the's tour of s ty in the d.c. -- cosby' tour of duty in d.c. and >> a battle is under way in annapolis to protect animals. >>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. this is abc 7 news at 11, on your side. >>> as close of the deal of a virginia man accused of gunning down his estranged wife at a woodbridge restaurant. investigators say daniel lunie everette shot and killed alice jenkins everette while she sat in her car at the chick-fil-a d
state in the nation to legalized gay marriage. >>> president obama today unveiled a 3.7 trillion dollar budget. it is full of tough choices. it is full of domestic programs like home heating assistance, low-income housing funding and education grants. he wants to eliminate tax cuts for those making over $200,000 per year, but maintain tax cuts for those on social security and medicare. under a gop proposal, metro could boost $150 million. in addition, the district would also lose $80 million in federal funding. the house is expected to debate the proposed cuts this week >>> back to the wild winds that we are dealing with. from here down to parts and south are all at risk of wildfires been fuelled. here's a scene from one of those fires. this is near raleigh, north carolina. 120 fires burned across north carolina with about 400 acres there. the good news is that none of them threatened any homes. but firefighters in february -- >> that is where the red flags can jump in and burning embers can spread quickly. i saw an aston martin. >> was the driver going north or south? >> i think he was
in afghanistan by the end of the year. they -- the search for a new commander is under way. president obama asked petraeus to take over eight months ago. our news partners at politico say the pentagon is denying the authenticity of the report. >>> are other developing story is from mexico where one agent with the immigration enforcement agency was shot to death. the agents were shot in the line of duty. ice is working with the state department and mexican authorities to investigate the shooting. >>> we are learning more about a dramatic scene in alexandria as flames engulfed an apartment building. this led to a nightmare for parents. john gonzales live near the scene to explain why. >> this was a problem on some many levels. this huge fire destroyed 14 apartment units. many of the roads were closed for several hours and a number of local schools were unable to drop off children. if there is a bright side this fire started at 2:00 p.m. when most units were empty, but many folks came back to find they no longer have a home. 13 families are without homes after an intense fire gutted much of their ap
obama appeared on national television. we are live in a satellite center with the latest on the worldwide push for democracy. >> gaddafi vows vengeance against his opponents. the latest images from libya shoat jubilant anti-government demonstrators moving freely through the nation's seconds largest city. but tripoli, the streets are reportedly quiet. >> the weather cooperates with foreign -- the colors and bold execution. >> the italian foreign ministry estimates that as many as 1000 people have died since lydia erupted in violence earlier this month. people are fleeing the north african nation. >> they opened fire on us and we saw the death of their own eyes. >> it is not simply a concern for the united states. the entire world is watching. >> the president spoke publicly for the first time about the at people. hundreds of americans have boarded a ferry in tripoli. >> the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and it is unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters. >> he said he is considering a full range of options in response to his crackdown. s
will not face the death penalty. >>> now, to the crisis in egypt. president obama pushed it egypt to begin its political transition immediately. the president condemned the latest pretax on -- latest attacks on journalists and human rights activist. the journalist was killed earlier in the week. >>> now to a story close to all of us here at abc 7. tonight, jennifer donelan shows how her life has changed five months after she suffered a heart attack. >> she is back. for reporter jennifer donelan, it is not the same old story. >> i am very happy to be alive. i am very thankful for that. there are days that i struggle with the fact that i had a heart attack. >> the reporter had just finished a live shot when she suffered a torn or read and a heart attack. her life changed forever. she stopped smoking, exercises, and each better. she draws support from other heart patients. >> i just wanted you to know that you are not by yourself. >> i appreciate that. >> jennifer now listens to music while she is driving. >> go ahead and cut in front of me. that is fine. [laughter] it works. >> she is in this mo
, that as the fighting intensifies, even getting to the airport can be dangerous. the obama administration says a transition of power needs to start immediately. their proposal is for the vice president to head a transitional government with the support of the egyptian military. cynne simpson, abc 7 news. >>> we are monitoring the aftermath of the massive storm that hit the country this past week. five people are recovering after a vehicle veered off a bridge in northeast oklahoma and plummeted into an icy river. rescuers rushed to save people inside, but three people died. the area had received more than 20 inches of snow, on top of sleet and ice. >>> are conditions are calmer today than they were this time last week. >> could we have eyespots on the road in the morning? bob ryan has the first look at the forecast. >> we have had temperatures today above freezing, but any of the nice strong sunshine that we saw today has melted a little bit, and there are icy spots. the belfort furniture weather center, the temperatures downtown, 37. meanwhile, the high temperature today, above freezing, now i
possible lead. they did not go in vain. >> across egypt, they were dancing in the streets. president obama congratulated the protesters for their peaceful message. >> it was the moral force of non-violence, not terrorism or mindless killing, that set the mark of history for justice. >> for millions of egyptians, president mubarak is the only ruler they have ever known. now what is the armed forces supreme council that is running egypt. today, the army turned its tank turrets away from the crowd. >> as long as they protect the people. >> a people from out giddy with hope and expectations. >> luckily, the jubilation continues with music, singing, and dancing at the embassy. from the u.s. capitol to the capital of egypt, excitement is overflowing. >> unbelievable ecstasy. >> the announcement came after 30 years of autocratic rule. >> president mubarak has decided to step down as president of egypt. >> it is a day full of emotion. her mother, still in egypt, will finally have freedom. >> they have been suffering. a lot of people don't have work, well educated, smart people, but they don't have
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